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Hey there, I’m Jessica!

Healthy lifestylesI’m so happy you’re here!! I am a mom to 8 amazing kids. There are 6 boys and 3 girls, 3 of the boys are my stepsons. Lucky for me, I got to meet my perfect match 3 years ago! Together  we have made an amazing, blended, family.

I have been a mom for more than 13 years. And, in that time I have done pretty good at perfecting it. I have tons of parenting advice that I’d love to share! I’d love to hear any tips and tricks that you may have too!!

While pregnant with each of my littles I would gain a lot of weight, pretty sure I gained the right amount with only my second. Because of this I have spent a great deal of time having to lose all the weight I gained each time. The most I have ever had to lose after a pregnancy was 80 pounds and I was able to do that in 8 months.

Thankfully I was successful in my weight loss each time, before I added another into the mix. I was able to accomplish this with workouts and eating habits.

Healthier Lifestyle ChangesI have worked hard at reaching my weight loss goals, and I have been able to make it every time.

You will find my tips and advice that will help you love the skin you’re in. And you will be able to come on my current weightless and toning journey. Do you have any tips you could share with me and others?? I am here to help motivate and help you to achieve your goals, be it parent wise or reach health goals.

Let’s get do this together!

xoxo, Jessica



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