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Comment Policy

Be courteous and thoughtful with your comments. There is so much negativity in the world today and this blog is not for that. I am here to promote positivity and wellness. If the comment is not productive in a positive manner do not expect to see it posted on my pages. We need to spend more time building each other up and less time tearing each other down.

Privacy Policy

You can trust that my blog will not share personal information with third parties. Your content and reading experiences are analyzed and optimized through the use of cookies, which can be turned of anytime through your browser settings. Your information is not stored when you visit my blog nor will it ever be shared with outside parties.

Please note that this privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on April 4, 2019.

Disclosure Policy

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission {FTC} revised their guidelines about endorsements and testimonials to protect the public from any intentionally errant or misleading advertising that has been paid for by a group or company. This blog is a source of income for me. Because of this you may occasionally see testimonials of products or affiliate links to buy the products I have used. Due to this I feel that it is necessary to tell you:

  1. This blog’s content is a source of income for me and it may be used to promote products, services, or other businesses.
  2. You will be informed of any mentions of products/services/businesses within my blog that is an affiliate.
  3. You can trust that I will only promote products/services/businesses that I have personally used and that I feel will be beneficial to you. It is important for me to give genuine and honest feedback on anything I promote.
  4. Any products that are provided to me by my advertising partners for my review are given to me free of charge with no cost to myself. This will not create a positive review from me in any way. I will be honest in my feedback from any products I receive.
  5. You can be assured that I will always give my honest opinion about any product or service.
  6. My absolute number one priority is accuracy and fairness to you, my readers, and I would never compromise the trust I have built, and am building, just to make a dollar. And I truly mean that.

I hold myself to the highest standards of integrity. I love and appreciate you, my readers, and make it my absolute goal to be up front and honest with every post I write.