Find People Who Believe in You

Find People Who Believe In You

I have to be honest with this one. This totally hit home for me. There were plenty of times that I let negative words enter and make a home in my mind. I never thought I could achieve greatness and I felt like I was stuck in a situation because I had so much that came with me. The reason I was trapped in a situation because I had negative words in my head that were placed by others. Sometimes it is the company that you keep that can hold you down at the ocean floor. I needed to find people that could give me positive words of encouragement until I could give them to myself.

Let the positivity outweigh the negativity

Over time I listened to others tell me how amazing I was. How strong, how brave, how beautiful. After a little while those words started to overcome all the negative. When I had a negative word enter my ear a positive word combated it and won. Eventually I started to realize my worth. I started to see that I could be so much more and that I deserved so much more. Life has a lot to offer and it didn’t count me out. I am so very thankful everyday to those words of encouragement, light, and positivity. I am here to gift others with those same words.


Never forget that you are amazing. Life is so much better with you in it. You are kind and thoughtful and are inspiring others everyday. Strength is inside you and it will shine through all the weakness that is trying to hold you down. You will survive any and all negativity that tries to steal you and weigh you down. Be the beautiful soul you are and let others see that amazing and wonderful person that you are. Let all the positive words shine through and fill your heart. You need to be sure that you silence that voice like I talked about on Friday. Sometimes that voice just gets going and we can’t let it.


Believe in yourself

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