Focus on

Focus on

I like to have an app that will give me a quote of the day. As well as, an app that will give me motivational quotes. Reading these daily help me to focus on bettering myself.

This is an important tool for you to have in a daily routine. This world has so much negativity. Which means, we need to bring positivity and light to the front lines.

Quotes make my mindset positive and ready to help others, including myself.

Today’s quote of the day is a good one for sure…

So many people walk around these days thinking they are better than others. We all need to spend more time on bettering ourselves. And less time on thinking how much better we think we are.

We need to help others be better too. Have you noticed you are at your best with others on your side?

They push us to be our best. There is no reason for us, as a human race, to be bringing others down. We need to spend more time building each other up. Rather than, tearing each other down. By doing this we would all be so much farther in life.

What is your best??

Too often we are hard on ourselves. We run around thinking that a lot of stuff is better than us. Suzy Q over there is able to do that, when I can only do this.

How often do you find yourself thinking things like that??

I want you to know that you are amazing. You can do all that Suzy Q can, you might happen to do it a little different. Each day that you focus on bettering yourself is a great day and will help you to go far.

You are unique and amazing!!

You are unique and amazing in all that you do. There is no one out there that can compare to all that you do. Each step that you take you is making a better version of you. 

Great job!!



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