Gotta Get Fit

Back in the game

Here I sit, 5 kids later, knowing that I gotta get fit… To be comfortable in my skin I am needing to lose at least 30 pounds. I am talking about having that scale go down and being able to buy smaller clothes!! With my last two pregnancies, I had gained an absurd amount of weight. Over 60 pounds with each one!!!! Maybe it is a thing that happens when pregnant with girls….

Gotta get fit by eating healthy

My journey I’m about to take….

It isn’t like I haven’t lost this much weight before. In between my last two pregnancies, I lost 60 pounds!! Insane right!?!?! I did this all with watching the food I ate and working on my portion control. This time around I am going to do the same thing. First, I prefer to eat out of bowls, they are smaller than plates. This trick I learned last time, just make sure to not overfill them. Followed up by, looking at the calorie intake on the food I am eating. Being super busy with work and kids will make it hard to do any exercise. However, I intend on taking walks at work during my breaks. When I get home and get the bebes off to sleep I will be working out to some too.

Gotta get fit with Yoga

Workout Plan….

Well, I don’t have much of a plan really. My main focus and goals will be utilizing my Beach Body on Demand. I have used Beach Body in the past and had amazing results. Unfortunately, am unable to do workouts that are too aggressive due to health issues but I will be doing my best. Yoga and stretching will be my main focus.

 Health issues won’t stop me

Recently, I informed by my doctor that with my joint and muscle pain I have Fibromyalgia. It is something that I have felt I was struggling with for some time now, and am thankful to have found a doctor that is willing to listen and get me the help that I need. I am now on medications to help me. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that consists of widespread muscle pain and tenderness. My joints are in constant pain. Sometimes it feels like there are dull rods in each one hanging out and doing nothing but hurt. The weather definitely doesn’t help when it is cold or rainy. With Fibromyalgia I also suffer from major fatigue, which doesn’t help when I want to exercise.

Gotta get fit, even with just stretching

Ready, Set, Go….

Doing yoga will be a great way to stretch out my sore joints and muscles. On days that I can’t do a yoga routine, due to being so tired, I will be doing at least stretches. Anything to better myself. With yoga, I will be able to tone my muscles and potentially burn some fat. I am ready to lose some fat and gain some fit.

Gotta get fit and see results


I will be updating with how much I am losing. You can expect before and after pictures, those are my favorite ones to look at. There won’t be a menu or schedule but I will be updating what program I am doing.

Join me on this journey. Hope you can join me and get results too. I look forward to hearing your success stories while I share my own. I gotta get fit….

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