True and Lasting Inner Peace

True and Lasting Inner Peace

Inner peace…. How do you find your inner peace?? I love the way Buddha thought. I feel that inner peace truly has to come from within and not without. Sure there are times where I feel happy because I have something new. But that good feeling rarely lasts. Once we find that inner peace it is up to us to keep it burning. When the inner peace is found you will find that it flows out.

Peace in the silence

I can speak from experience when I talk about finding inner peace. Not to long ago I was in a place in my life where I thought that I needed someone to make me happy. Cause who is happy and alone?? Once my long time relationship was over I thought about how I needed to fill that void with another person. Being alone for a bit helped me realize something amazing. I was so much happier by myself. Peace could be found in the silence around my apartment, silence meant there was no fighting. Who knew that when you are alone you can actually think about what you are feeling and thinking!! Making sure someone else was happy wasn’t an obligation anymore. My obligation was making me happy. Picking up all my little pieces that I already had within me and putting them together to fit into that void.

Peace at last

When you are alone you can better sort out what you are thinking. You can really sit there and think about what you want to do. What will make you smile? How can you make that smile? Where can you go inside yourself to bring that smile out? Why did you let yourself go so long letting outside sources control your happiness?

Listen to your inner self

The next time you are sitting there and wondering why. Wondering why you are not happy with all that surrounds you. Take a look around and find a quiet place to sit. A place to have a conversation with yourself. Only your inner self will truly know what you need. Listen to that voice and do what it says you can do for it. It will never steer you in the wrong direction.

Inner peace

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