Lose the Lifestyle and Mindset

Lose the Lifestyle and Mindset

It doesn’t take much to get into the lifestyle of doing what you want when you want. Sometimes it is so much easier to tell yourself that you are too busy to do anything. You are doing so many other things you can’t exercise. Why eat an apple when there is a piece of cake in the fridge instead?? Why walk when you can sit there and rest while playing your electronics, you had a long day right?? We just need to lose the lifestyle of putting a healthier lifestyle on hold.

Excuses, everyone has one….

I tell myself that I am too tired to do anything but sit. I am so busy all the time. Now some of that is definitely true. I mean I do have a large brood of children that I am chasing here or taking there. But at work I sit at a desk and work on a computer… When at work my step counter lets me know that I need to stretch my legs. Instead of telling my tracker, or even myself, sure lets take a stroll around the building, I tell myself that my pile of papers is too big for a break. Self sabotage is a major winner in my life, and I am sure others too. I need to change my mindset from letting myself not try to instead making myself try harder.

Steps one, two, three….

  1. Buy a fitness tracker, check.
  2. Buy a scale, done and done. I even got a scale that will check my BMI, Water %, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Weight, etc. It even syncs up to my apps via wi-fi so I don’t have to do anything but take it out, calibrate, and stand.
  3. Eat healthier, work in progress. For the most part I am eating healthier, although yesterday’s cake may sing a different story…. I have total control of my portions and am definitely trying to not eat sweets as much as I used to.
  4. Get up and dance!! I mean move, get up and move.

This Weeks Goals….

This week I am wanting to make sure that I am taking at least one break to walk around the building. I am ranging 2,000 steps to 7,500 steps, depending on award ceremonies and appointments. I need to hit my 8,000 steps on a more consistent basis. It isn’t hard to do. I just gotta get up and move. I gotta lose the lifestyle and change my mindset. We need to spend more time silencing that voice telling us we can’t meet our goals. And we need to spend more time around others that believe in us


Change your mindset

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