Workout Because

Love Your Body

Wow, what a quote huh? There are plenty of times when I workout. I do it because I hate how my body looks. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to love my body. It is so important to love your body versus hating it. When you hate your body you are spending so much time an energy in the wrong kind of way. I know that since I decided to love my body I have felt a sense of relief. I don’t find myself pinching this part of my body or that and show a distaste for it. It is so easy to succumb to the thoughts and ideas of a negative body image.

Let the past be behind you

Growing up I always heard about how much my mom didn’t like her body. That isn’t to say that my mom didn’t know she was absolutely beautiful because believe me, she did. She just carried a little too much weight and would mention it with a definite distaste for the fact. Growing up I was less than 100 pounds. I didn’t reach 100 pounds until I was over 18. Can you imagine? My high school would call my mom often telling her I had an eating disorder. Um, nope. I ate everything under the sun. No idea where it went but I sure did consume it. But even being that skinny if I sat a certain way and saw a roll or fold I would comment on it and say how much I wanted it to go away and how fat I must look.

Don’t focus on the dislikes

It was already set into my mind that a woman body needed to look a certain way. I was already looking at myself and critiquing what was wrong with it. Like I said before, recently I decided to love my body. I have 5 kids, yes 5. My body looks amazing for 5 kids. Heck, my body looks amazing if I didn’t have kids. Having this change in mindset has made me feel so much better about myself. Do I want to workout, heck yea I do. Do I want to lose some weight, definitely so. The only difference from yesterday and today is that I am happy and feel secure in myself and body.

Show your body some love

I want to workout to show my body that it deserves to be loved and in a better place. If I stay where I am at I am okay with it, as long as I am doing something active to show my body that I love it. Being active is a good way to show that love and to have a better balance internally. I don’t have to starve myself to get to a weight. There will be no need to kill myself with a daily use of a corset to erase the rolls that motherhood caused.

Love Exercise

It makes the thought of working out so much better. Almost like the pressure of it is less than before, I am not working out to get to a size 2 overnight. I am not beating myself up if that scale doesn’t go down 2 pounds each week. The weight will come off in its own time. If not that is cool. I can firm up my body regardless. As I have gotten older I realized that curves are just as beautiful and it is completely okay if I have them. So please, spend time loving your body instead of hating it.

Look at your audience

My children are my audience, my daughters especially. If I am sitting there and talking about all the things that I do not like about my body they will in turn do the same. I watched my mom do it and I did it for years. I don’t want to hear any of my children talk poorly of themselves. And I especially don’t want them to workout to get the better body because they hate their own. They should be using workouts as a way to better themselves inside. Exercise is so good for you mentally, not related to body image.

body love


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