Silence that Voice

Silence That Voice

Wow, what a message. And I am not just saying that because I absolutely love Vincent Van Gogh. His train of thought is completely on point. How many times did you have a thought in your head and you listened?? Now this thought can either have a positive impact of your life or it may have a negative impact. You know in your heart when you are meant to be doing something that is impactful in a positive way and there is a big voice telling you not to follow through then I am going to side with Vincent here. You need to push that voice aside and do what is best for you. Show that voice that it has no strength in you. You need to silence that voice like it wasn’t even there to begin with.

Do You To The Best Of Your Abilities

That voice that is telling you to stop is a voice that has been set in by a source that knew how to stop you. You need to silence that voice. Trust me, there are plenty of times when a voice tells me to stop. I am a overthinker and can say consistently I have a voice telling me to not do a video because I could embarrass myself. Don’t type those words because no one will read them anyways. Don’t let people see your past because they will decide your future… There are even times when the voice criticizes me or adds doubt about myself in my mind. And the list goes on. There are plenty of times throughout the day that I have to silent that voice.

It is my PASSION and DREAM

It is my inner most passion that has to shine through and tell the voice that I will be doing what I feel is right. When I make that live video, I am telling that voice that I am here and I will be heard. By writing these words I am telling that voice that I am a writer and a motivational and inspirational person and that I know I will reach the right person at the right time. Each time that voice pops up I know that I can use it as a great opportunity to be and do something better. Just like I talked about yesterday “Great Opportunities, Impossible Situations“.

Do No Succumb To The Voice That Is Leading You Astray From Your Dreams!!

Positive thoughts

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